Avoid Contamination With Polyurethane Flooring Solutions

Polyurethane Flooring is an industrial style of flooring used in places like food manufacturing, food preparation and chemical processing plants, to name only a few. The mixture making up the polyurethane provides for a smooth and non-slip industrial flooring solution.

As this kind of flooring is used within food manufacturing companies, having a cleaning and maintenance plan in place is vital. This ensures the aesthetic and performance of the flooring solution is preserved and the chances of contamination within the factory are kept at a minimum. The chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria and mould is also reduced drastically.

To minimise the chance of contamination, it’s important the installation is done correctly to ensure there aren’t any cracks or clean gaps. Should the installation not be done correctly, you are increasing the chance of germs and bacteria filtration through equipment and spoiling produce which can result in a lot of stock having to be destroyed.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Polyurethane Flooring?

Just like any product, there are a number of benefits of having polyurethane flooring installed on your premises of which include:


  • Increased chemical resistance.
  • Brush on finish,
  • Up to 120 degrees heat resistance.
  • You are able to steam clean the floor to maintain high hygiene levels.
  • Non-slip finishes
  • Cost-effective product
  • Low odour during application.

As there are different types of polyurethane flooring that can be installed, such as oil-based or water based, it’s important to establish which one would be the most appropriate for your installation. This is why Floormaster pvc flooring South Africa should be your go-to company for your flooring solutions.

Floormaster, industrial flooring solutions has over 20 years experience in the industry specialising in epoxy and polyurethane protective flooring systems. We deliver consistently tough and durable flooring solutions for the discernible consumer. Contact one of our experienced consultants today to receive your quote.

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